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​Microbial- Mold and Bacteria


When addressing a mold problem it is important to know where you have mold growth and why you have mold growth. Our investigation assists you in answering both questions. With this knowledge we can develop a mold remediation protocol to properly remove the mold.

After the remediation is complete we can conduct a post remediation inspection to determine if the remediation was successful.

Sampling including air and surface sampling for mold growth can be conducted as part of our investigations.


We perform investigations to determine if bacteria or sewage contamination is present and develop a remediation protocol if/as needed.


Asbestos testing for both NESHAP and AHERA regulations can be performed in Georgia.


Our Services Include

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Industrial Hygiene/Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)


Sick Building Syndrome Investigations

Typically, sick building syndrome is related to poor indoor air quality and is a combination of ailments associated with one's workplace or residence.

Sick building causes can usually be pinpointed  to flaws in the ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems.   Investigating these matters is vital to any office or residence if symptoms are present.

Indoor Air Quality Complaint Resolutions/Odor Complaint Investigation

IAQ can be affected by mold, bacteria, gases, fine particles, or any energy stressor that can activate adverse health conditions.

IAQ is becoming increasingly concerning and investigations involve monitoring exposure and a collection of various samples.Type your paragraph here.